Welcome to Our Neighborhood!

The offices of Northwest Realty in downtown Cherokee, Iowa, are located in the beautiful Little Sioux River Valley. Our area is blessed with a diversity of flora, fauna, and topography. This is the land of the Tall Grass Prairie, the Des Moines Lobe of the last glacial advance, and the Mill Creek Peoples' encampments. Come explore with us!


We always look forward to seeing you in our Main Street office or speaking with you by telephone. The crew at Northwest Realty wants to help YOU find that perfect property that will make you our neighbor. Each of our Realtors is licensed by the State of Iowa, has wide experience in the real estate field and, most importantly, will do their best for YOU.

Our Team

When a personal visit is not possible, an Internet presence can be useful. We hope you will find this site helpful and that you will take advantage of the wealth of information available here. Check the links above for information for the Seller and the Buyer. Follow the links to your left to see some of the choice real estate offerings from Northwest Realty